Robin Horn


"Wonderful work on the drums came from Paul's son, Robin Horn who, for most of the evening was hidden behind the large assortment of drums and cymbals...another top artist in his field."

(Review of Paul Horn and the Soviet Tour Allstars concert - Tidemark Theatre)
George Earl Pyper
Arts, Theatre & Entertainment
Campbell River, British Coumbia

"With the release of his debut, "Fast Lane", drummer Robin Horn illustrates that
it's possible to play electronic percussion with soul and contemporary jazz with

Linda Kohanov, CD Review 1991

"Bassist Jack Wood, and especially drummer Robin Horn offered solid work throughout. Just as "Sight Unseen", the fifth of Hackensack's six pieces, was beginning to outstay its welcome, Horn revitalized everything with a drum solo notable for its panoply of percussion colors."

(Review of the 15th annual Jazz Sundae Festival)
Arizona Daily Star, Tucson
Monday, May 4, 1992
by James Reel

"A free-form piece showed each member of the quartet as deft purveyors of a little-practiced style. The improvised moments fell into an enticing modal expression of George Gershwin's "Summertime", to which drummer Horn supplied a rollicking set of rhythmic patterns."

(Review of Paul Horn Quartet performance - Vine Street Bar and Grill) - Los Angeles Times, June 24, 1988 by James Liska

"The threesome, through intuition, listening or just plain craftmanship, was able to add a spark to each mood that they adopted."

(Review of Paul Horn Trio performance - Catalina's Bar and Grill) - Los Angeles Times, October 20, 1987 by Zan Stewart

"How many definitions of "crisp" are there in the dictionary? No matter the number, it won't be enough to define the drumming of Robin Horn on this album."

(Review of Robin Horn "Collection"CD)
Tucson Citizen
Thursday, April 6, 2006
by Chuck Graham