Robin Horn


Robin Horn's workshops at the Bands of America World Percussion Symposium have been one of our most popular events. Robin is both an expressive musician and an articulate speaker. Although his presentation is always cutting-edge, he is able to make it accessible to our students. I hope we can host him more often!

James Campbell
Percussion Area Coordinator
Bands of America Summer Symposium

Robin's presence at the University of Arizona School of Music is so valuable not only as a result of his commitment to excellence and professionalism, but particularly because of the years upon years of playing experience and lessons he has garnered. Thanks to all of these factors Robin has proven himself an influential teacher and dedicated mentor to his students.

Aaron Emery
University of Arizona MM Candidate

"Robin Horn is one of the most talented and inspirational drummers I have had the pleasure of listening to. After seeing him play, I always feel humbled by his skill, yet motivated by his spirit at the same time. His mastery of both the acoustic and electronic drum set is something I feel every drummer who is serious about music should get to witness at least once in their lifetime. From lessons, to clinics and live performance,
he is truly one of the best."

Chip Ritter - 2006
professional instructor, clinician, musician.